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McCallum Mediation

Facilitating problem solving.

Mediation isn’t simply resolving legal issues. Mediation is about facilitating problem-solving for individuals and businesses. Learn more about how Alabama mediator Phillip McCallum facilitates problem-solving for parties in mediation. 

Alabama Mediator


Alabama mediator Phillip McCallum utilizes both his private practice and management experience to facilitate problem-solving for individuals and businesses in mediation. Learn more about Phillip McCallum.

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Mediation is an excellent tool by which parties to a dispute can have a say in how it is resolved. With mediation, an independent, neutral, third-party assists the parties as they negotiate toward a resolution. The experience, creativity, credibility, and personality of a mediator are all key to a mediator’s success.


Phillip McCallum is a popular and effective mediator because he possesses all of those qualities and more. Most importantly, Phillip is able to build relationships and rapport with individuals of all walks of life and businesses alike.

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